Rates and Fees

It is totally free to use our services. We do not charge you

It is totally free to use our services. We do not charge you any fees for connecting you with qualified, participating lenders.  SupaLoan.com is not a lender or a loan broker and we do not make loan decisions.  We connect customers who are looking for a payday, small installment loan or a personal loan to lenders who may be able help by offering qualified consumers a loan.  

As we are not a lender, we are unable to provide you with the information on the rates, fees and APR (annual percentage rate) on the loan that you may receive.  The rates and terms of loan may vary by lender and by state. 

If after using the services of SupaLoan.com you are connected with a lender and the loan is approved, you will be provided with the interest rates and fees that you will incur during repayment, as well as the terms of the loan. Please ensure that you are aware of all the loan terms, including the consequences of not making payment on time before accepting the offer.  

If you do not wish to accept the terms of the loan you are under no obligation to do so.  You are only obligated once you have electronically “signed” for the loan.  If you agree to the rates and fees, the lender will direct you to an e-signature page, and your loan will be processed. 

make loan decisions. We connect customers who are looking


Disclosure of Terms

Our service simply connects you with a lender and we are not knowledgeable, nor are we responsible for any terms of loan which may be offered to you. 

Fees and terms are controlled and decided on by the lender, and the lender will provide you will a detailed document showing all the terms of the loan, including the rates and fees that you will be responsible for.  Please carefully read and review all the terms of the loan before making a final decision.  If after reviewing these terms you are happy to proceed, you will be redirect to a page that requires your e-signature.  Please do not proceed with the lender if you are not happy with the terms.



Your loan repayment will be automatically deducted you’re your bank account on the pre-scheduled due date.  If you do not make this payment, including all fees and interest charges, there are consequences which you should be made aware of before agreeing to the loan. If you are going to have problems making the repayment(s), do not accept the loan.

We work with multiple lenders, and each have their own rules for their loans. Please direct all questions regarding repayment and its consequences to your lender.


Implications of Late Payments

Each lender in our network has their own policy in relation to late payments. The information regarding the implications of late payments will be provided to you before you agree to the loan. Please be sure that before you agree for a loan and e-sign, that you understand the lenders policy regarding the implications of making late payments.


If you do not make the make the repayment / repay the loan on time, including fees, typical action by lenders includes passing your account over to a collection agency, reporting to a credit score agency, an offer to renew (which will add additional fees and charges to your account balance) and / or legal action.


If you don’t pay back the loan on time, some lenders may automatically roll your existing loan over for an additional two weeks. The fees for renewing the loan differs between lenders.  It is important to note that non-payment of a payday loan may negatively affect your credit rating.  Each state has rules and regulations in place that payday lenders must follow when assessing late payment fees.  

Disclosure of Renewal Policy

Extending the repayment terms of a loan may result in additional interest paid and late fees.  This may significantly increase the total amount you pay back on a loan.  

Every lender has its own renewal policy, which may differ from lender to lender. Please review your lender’s renewal policy.


If you have any questions about your loan, or any problems please contact your lender.

for a payday, small installment loan or a personal loan to
lenders who may be able help by offering qualified consumers
a loan.